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Print On Demand

Set the potential of your company FREE!

True on demand printing is now available! We offer a true print on demand model for both mono and colour publications across a range of bind styles and paper choices.

From a copy of one, we  offer a tool which allows you to manage the order and manufacture process, making it transparent and simple.

Who benefits from Print On Demand or (POD)?

  • SME’s and large companies ordering Reports, Technical manuals, Proposals etc..
  • Creative and Marketing Agencies
  • Academic Publishers
  • Independent Publishers

Print On Demand or (POD) is a simple, quick and easy to use online web service for customers allowing you to order and print your publications on demand.

Within minutes you can upload files and place orders in real time directly into our print ordering systems and track them through to final delivery.

Print On Demand or (POD) in essence is a huge digital library of your titles, which is able to be managed by you as and when you require print services. The benefit of which is you upload your title once, and only once, and it is ready and waiting whenever you require a copy.

Maintaining availability

Among traditional clients, POD services can be used to make sure that publications remain available when one print run has sold out but another has not yet become available, and to maintain the availability of older titles whose future sales may not be great enough to justify a further conventional print run. This can be useful for clients with large back catalogues of older works, where sales for individual titles may be low, but where cumulative sales may be significant.

Managing uncertainty

Print on demand can be used to reduce risk when dealing with “surge” titles that are expected to have large sales but a short sales life (such as celebrity biographies or event tie-ins): these titles represent high profitability but also high risk owing to the danger of inadvertently printing many more copies than are necessary, and the associated costs of maintaining excess inventory or pulping. POD allows a client to exploit a short “sales window” with minimised risk exposure by “guessing low” – using cheaper conventional printing to produce enough copies to satisfy a more pessimistic forecast of the title’s sales, and then relying on POD to make up the difference.

Niche publications

Print on demand is also used to print and reprint “niche” publications that may have a high retail price but limited sales opportunities, such as specialist academic works. An academic publisher may be expected to keep these specialist titles in print even though the target market is almost saturated; making further conventional print runs uneconomic.

The principle of on-demand printing is not new. Many companies offer it as a service. However, we make the process quick and easy, eliminating time and effort on administration, giving you transparency when ordering print jobs.