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How to create a book cover

Maybe writing and storytelling and publishing should be all about the words, but it’s not.  So how do you create a book cover?

This is easy guide you shows you how to create a book cover.

The fact is that people get more information from a) body language and b) tone of voice than they ever do from the actual words of what you’re saying. With books, it’s no different. To some extent, we all do judge a book by its cover, whether it’s wise or not.

The cover design of a book should reflect what’s in the book. It should help the reader decide whether they want to read a few paragraphs, the opening page, or at least the back cover copy.

How does it do that? By looking like all the other covers in its genre or subgenre, but not too much like. It should play up, say, 80% similarity with other books in its genre or (by preference) subgenre, with 20% innovation.

There’s a reason that paranormal romance covers like to sport the backs of women with no heads and tattoos. There’s a reason that hard SF features planets, rather than rakish ne’er-do-wells with charming grins (although space opera seems to have no problem with that).

Likewise, the interior of the book should convey the same information: if it’s a book that’s meant to be read in a single, heart-stopping, can’t-put-it-down session, you’re going to use a layout that leads to lots of page-turning, lots of chapter headings with a smooth, quick font that leans to the right, so it can go faster.

Cover Design

Standard Cover Design:

• If you do not have your own cover and not too sure on how to design one then why not choose from one of our standard designs or just a plain colour and have your book title and name added to the front and your summary added to the back.
• The cost is £39 which includes, if necessary, the creation of a barcode for your book’s ISBN number.

Bespoke Cover Design:

• Why not create your own bespoke design which would be unique for your book, using your own in-house designers you can choose picture(s) or anything from our library of well over a million images that we can use or incorporate into the design.
• The cost starts at £99, depending on the complexity of the design and includes, if necessary, the creation of a barcode for your book’s ISBN number.